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Writing an Offer

There are some things that are helpful for a buyer to know prior to writing an offer on a home:

  1.  Know about your financing! Knowing what type of loan you’re using if you’re not paying cash for a property is very important because some properties will not pass on certain financing.
  2. Be aware of all of your numbers. Be sure you’re aware of the amount required for down payment, estimated monthly mortgage payment, and estimated closing costs. You should also know what rates your mortgage company is quoting for you.
  3. Do you want a home warranty? (The contract refers to a home warranty as a residential service contract.) Click here for more information on home warranties.  
  4. Will your lender require a survey? Click here for more information on surveys. (Link coming soon!)
  5. Check your schedule to be sure you’re able to make arrangements to go sign documents at the title company or escrow on the Closing Date offered.
  6. Know what stays and what goes with the seller. Be sure you include any items that you wish to stay in the contract. Click here for more information on what stays and what goes. (Link coming soon)
  7. Be mindful of the expiration dates for financing approval and termination option. Click here for more information on termination option.