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Home Inspection FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about home inspections.

What is the purpose of paying for a home inspection?

The purpose of a home inspection is not to provide a list of repairs to the seller, but to be as informed as possible on your investment!

Who pays for the home inspection?

Typically a buyer pays for a home inspector of their choosing. However, if the seller is contributing to a buyer’s closing costs and there is enough money left, they can apply the credit to the inspection.

What does an inspector look for?

An inspector will look at everything he or she can reasonably see or get to including: roof, plumbing, electrical, foundation, heating and air, appliances, and more. If there are any possible concerns he or she will recommend an outside expert for that matter.

Who chooses the inspector?

The buyer should choose the inspector. They should always verify licensing to be sure that they are licensed in the state of purchase. However.if you’re working with a Realtor®. they should provide you with a list as I’ve included for the Texas Panhandle.

When do you pay for inspection?

A buyer can pay for an inspection at the time of the inspection, or most inspectors will allow buyers to pay at closing.

Who pays for repairs?

Nearly everything in a contract is negotiable. However, as a buyer, you should ask the seller to repair anything on the list that would be a deal-breaker for you. When asking a seller to complete repairs, you should indicate that only licensed professionals perform any necessary repairs and obtain proof of completion including paid invoices from the seller. An appraiser may indicate certain required repairs be completed as condition for obtaining your loan. If there are lender required repairs, they typically are required to be made before closing for most types of financing.

Should you be present for the home inspection?

Absolutely! Home inspectors will provide you with a detailed report along with photos. However, sometimes it ‘s difficult to decipher the particular angle or location of the photos, so it’ s best to be there in person, if possible.

Please note you can find license information at on licensed home inspectors. You are not obligated to use any specific inspector. You may choose from anyone on this list or conduct your own search.