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Getting Your Home Photo Ready

As the old saying goes… “You only have one opportunity to create a first impression”. Photography IS your home’s first impression! According to National Association of Realtors Survey, 70-99% of buyers are online during their home buying process!

Your goal is to attract as many potential qualified buyers as possible. More showings could mean more offers. If you’re one of the many sellers praying for an HGTV-style bid war, the first trick is creating traffic! The way to do this is to laser focus beautiful photos on your home’s greatest strengths and minimizing its weaknesses.

To do this, first things first, remove as many distractions as possible. Think of creating a blank canvas for your potential buyer to mentally place their furniture, decorate, and make your home their own!

That’s the goal, right??? A fresh, clean, minimalist setting is the most successful selling environment. Here’s your step-by-step guide to accomplishing this task!


  • Remove or hide all small kitchen appliances, soaps, sponges, dishracks. Basically, you want to remove everything except maybe a VERY few items of décor.
  • Remove all refrigerator art, family pictures, magnets, calendars, etc.
  • Remove personal items from bathroom, tub, and showers . . . shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, used towels, etc.
  • Pack up all personal photos and interesting collections.
  • Arrange a minimum number of towels in bathroom racks
  • Remove unneeded furniture to make rooms look larger. Less is more! Bedrooms should be Bed, dresser, nightstand. In small bedrooms, remove everything but the bed.
  • Touch up paint and consider neutralizing wall paint. Light tan and light grays are the best for photos.
  • Baseboards and trim are the items in the home that take the most beating. A fresh coat of paint on the trim takes a home from “lived in” to “move in ready”
  • When accessorizing, one item is usually better than two or more in a specific area.
  • Remove all clothing from view, including the laundry room.
  • If vacuuming leaves a pattern, try to make it consistent.
  • Clean all countertops, sinks, baths, showers. Mirrors, and appliances.


  • Remove all vehicles from view including all types of trailers and boats. All driveways should be cleared. Do your best to remove oil stains on driveways.
  • Rake and sweep up leaves and debris.
  • Powerwash porches on the ceilings and on the concrete.
  • Replace and or Apply fresh paint to any doors and trim that are faded or scratched by animals.
  • Remove all animal droppings and toys.
  • Grass should be mowed AND EDGED and swimming pool cleaned.
  • Hide waterhoses.
  • Wash important view windows inside and out.
  • Clean off and arrange patio furniture.
  • Plant bright annuals to show color

We wish you the best of luck on the sale of your home!