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Happy National Guacamole Day


Here in the Texas Panhandle, we have a heavy Hispanic influence! One of the perks is MARVELOUS MEXICAN FOOD! In honor of National Guacamole Day, I’m sharing my Guacamole recipe. It’s by no means famous…BUT everyone always nominates me to bring it to all of our FIESTAS! My youngest, Graysen, begs for my guacamole! Needless to say after a busy day showing homes I’ve tried to sneak in some of the package, store bought substitute, and let me just tell you IT DID NOT FLY for my little “Mock-A-Moly” fan! He’s been begging for homemade with no excuse for substitutes since he was barely able to talk. Hence…The “Mock-A-Moly” name. (Don’t judge me if you’re not supposed to introduce kids to avocados early. It wouldn’t be my first Mom FAIL!)

I’ll apologize in advance for not having exact measurements! You’re just gonna have to watch the video for the amounts of ingredients. I’ve just watched table-side guacs, and learned from other recipes of what I like and what I leave behind in my guacamole, and I’ve arrived at today’s recipe. Here’s the grocery list for my guac! Hope you love it!

Here’s a tip when choosing avocados…they must indent when you squeeze them if you’re making guac the same day. But if it actually squishes like something grody in your hand, They’re too ripe! If you’re planning for your fiesta a few days away, just buy some that are a little harder that don’t give much when you squeeze them. Then you’ll just toss them in your fruit bowl or window sill to ripen up a bit.

Mock-A-Moly Grocery List

4-5 Avocados (BIG ONES)  They should slightly give when you gently squeeze. If they squish, they’re too ripe! If they don’t give, they’ll be too hard to mash

Sweet onion (If you want. It’s a must for my fam. Even for the little ones that hate onions!)

2-3 Tomatoes (I usually use Roma, but you can use on the vine, or probably even grape tomatoes)

A little bit of garlic powder



1 Lime

Fresh Cilantro (Unless you’re one of those weirdos that doesn’t like Cilantro!)

Cayenne (I learned this trick from a friend, and love it!)

1-2 Fresh Jalepenos (I decide when I cut it whether I seed or not. Usually, if it makes me cough, I seed it!)

Finely dice onion. Wash and pluck the cilantro from the stems, then chop. Seed the jalepenos (1-2). I love to use the Pampered Chef Corer and Melon baller for this (Not sure what it’s called). Dice tomatoes. I have also used drained rotel in a pinch for a pantry pinch hitter. De-seed the avocado and scoop with a spoon into a bowl. Add other ingredients. Squeeze the lime with a citrus press over the avocado mixture. Sprinkle a tiny bit of cayenne (1/8 tsp? None if you’re a cry baby about the hot and spicy!), Black pepper (1/2 tsp ish), Salt (1tsp ish… or a boatload if you use himalayan), garlic powder (1/4-1/2 tsp) My favorite way to mis this up is with a mix N Chop by Pampered Chef! I broke mine and thought my life was over until I bought another! It’s great for bananas in banana bread, and browning hamburger meat and ground turkey or chicken. It’s in my kitchen must haves!


Enjoy!!! Happy National Guacamole Day!

Jessica Waggoner



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