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    10 Steps for a Buyer from Contract to Closing

    Step 1: Be sure to get all necessary documentation required to your lender.

    Step 2: Schedule Home Inspections

    Step 3: Negotiate for any repairs

    Step 4: Choose an insurance provider

    Step 5: Wait for appraisal

    Step 6: Amend sales price, if needed, based on appraised value.

    Step 7: Schedule movers or arrange for the move.

    Step 8: Schedule utilities to be turned on in your name click here for a list of Texas Panhandle Utility Providers, and start change of addresses.

    Step 10: Schedule a walk through of your home to inspect required repairs and any change in condition. This is a great time to measure for furniture placement.

    Go to Closing!!! Click here for Things you should know before heading to closing.


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