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House hunting etiquette

There are some things that are simply home buying etiquette. I’ve never been one of those people that fashion their lives after Emily Post, who wrote many books on etiquette. I feel more like one that people wonder who left the barn door open to let this chick in! However, I went to a Christian women’s retreat, kind of against my choice. My Mother paid for it, so I had to go. It turned out to be an amazing experience. The speaker there was a Proverbs 31 Lady! I thought, I’m seriously a fish out of water, here. The way that she explained etiquette changed the way I thought of it FOREVER! Instead of a bunch of senseless rules, she described etiquette with grace and finesse! Etiquette is suggestions of how to be considerate. For example, waiting to begin eating at the table until the cook is seated, shows honor and gratitude for the work that the cook has put in preparing the meal. Escorting guests to their vehicle shows appreciation for a visit from family or friends. House shopping is no exception to Rules of Etiquette so I’ve compiled some consideration for all involved when house hunting to ensure success on your home-buying journey.

Use the restroom before your house hunt.#1…Sometimes the water is turned off in vacant homes! TALK ABOUT AN UH-OH MOMENT! … OR BEST CASE SCENARIO IS NO TOILET PAPER!!! It’s also a courtesy to the current home owners not to use their facilities. Some people find that intrusive, and are also concerned about consecutive showings and germs!”

If possible, try to find a sitter for your children. It’s very difficult to keep your party together when shopping for a home, and it’s definitely important. Keeping the herd together makes it very difficult to really pay attention to what you’re viewing. It’s also a safety concern. You’re distracted trying to hone in on all of the details inside the home, and the little kiddos all split on their discovery of the new place. You never know if there are animals in the home, firearms, or other safety concerns. If you’re not able to find someone to stay with your kids, I’ll just say I’m not above bribery! Coach them to stay at your side!

Keep your appointments or Call ahead to Cancel. Sellers put a lot of work into preparing their home for showings while working full time jobs, arranging to be away from home, riding around with pets, and more. If you can’t make your appointment, try to give as much notice as possible.

Zip your lips in front of the doorbell!!! So many sellers have ring doorbells or security doorbells with cameras. Buyers and agents spill the beans about the dump of a house they visited and everything else they’ve seen right in front of the doorbell. These cameras can pick up voice all the way to the end of the driveway, so keep it zipped up to maintain your negotiation strength while at the home! Although sellers are not supposed to listen in, there is nothing worse than trying to work on pricing for a buyer that just paraded through the home with cameras announcing to the sellers that they would pay more than list price! 

Keep your House Hunting Posse to a Minimum. I try to encourage my buyers to invite family members after making a decision. Family members, often times, have experience buying homes…but not recently. They have all kinds of advice to offer that may not be relevant to the current times, today’s market, or your scenario. It can be so confusing, because buyers know that their family wants the best for them and want to trust and believe all the advice they share. To avoid confusion from conflicting advice from too many, invite them to “the One”!

Let Your Agent Know if anyone in your house hunting party has alarming allergies to anything. In particular, animals. This way he or she can try to rule out homes that will be an automatic NO!

**** CAUTION!!!!!!!! Be sure to obtain permission before videoing or taking photos in any home.