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Home Maintenance

  1. First things first! If you want to enjoy your fireplace, be sure to have it cleaned. It’s a good idea to have your chimney cleaned if you have a family like mine that actually puts their fireplace to good use! Soot buildup can become a fire hazard!
  2. Next Order firewood. Refer to the chimney sweep video on recommendations for the great firewood to order. 
  3. Remember to keep your firewood in a dry place and not in contact with the ground. Wood in contact with the grounds attracts termites.  A great home improvement project is a log store. You can build one like the one here or buy one like this. Make sure you buy a cover to keep your logs dry like the one here.
  4. Have your home treated for insects. All of those pesky little buggers like SPIDERS like to come in out of the cold!
  5. Clean out Gutters. You’re going to have fallen leaves contesting your gutters in the fall preventing the snow melt from draining. When the drainage in your gutters overflows, it causes wood rot on your fascia (house trim).
  6. Change Air Filters. This should actually be done monthly unless your air filters recommend a longer period of time before changing. This is VERY important and a necessary task of being a diligent homeowner and keeping your heating and air units in good repair.
  7. Schedule your heating and air maintenance. Excess rust and corrosion on a heating unit can be a fire hazard, but you also want to stay warm before it starts to freeze!
  8. Winterize Sprinklers. Talk to your local landscaping companies about what is required with winterizing your sprinkler systems. Every area and climate is different. Even the type of grass on your lawn may hold a different recommendation.
  9. Drain water hoses
  10. Caulk around windows and doors. Keep the warm air in and the cold air out and those pesky SPIDERS that might want a home out of the freezing temperatures.
  11. Rake leaves. Leaf piles are also known to attract termites in the State of Texas.
  12. Cover outside faucets and water taps to prevent freezing water lines and spigots.
  13. Change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Running your gas heater is another reason to be sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are ready to roll.